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Business Litigation

Businesses must, on occasion, pursue and defend a wide range of commercial claims, from class actions and expedited requests for injunctive relief, to bet-the-company litigation and arbitration. Our business litigation team has significant experience and a record of success in resolving a broad variety of business and commercial disputes. While we are able to proceed to trial or engage in other forms of alternative dispute resolution in any case, and have built an impressive track record of service and success, we also look for opportunities for business-driven solutions.

At LegalGenius® we regularly counsel clients on how to parlay the primary litigation triggers of today into a better and more productive tomorrow, with advice aimed at preventing commercial disputes. We represent clients in a variety of employment matters, including defence and prosecution of wrongful termination and discrimination claims, and litigation involving trade secrets and covenants not to compete. We also advise our business clients on means of avoiding or minimising exposure to these types of claims, through the establishment of internal corporate policies and written employment agreements.

Our commercial litigation clients span every industry and include major corporations, mid-sized and emerging businesses, industry executives and high-net-worth individuals across the world. We strive to earn our first-time clients’ trust, and reaffirm and strengthen our relationships with returning clients.

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What Customers Say About Us

  • With LegalGenius® I am able to meet two of the top goals of any business; getting paid and keeping our clients. They use a diplomatic approach, which both my clients and I appreciate. In addition, your collection rate has far exceeded our expectations. It is easy to upload our debtors into their system and the customer service has been excellent. 
  • I wish to personally thank you for dealing with my company registration in the UK. It was a smooth transaction and I was very impressed as to how your company dealt with my request. I wish to inform other businesses that I was more than happy to deal with you again in the near future.